Body TreatmentsThe body massage treatments will create an experience that encapsulates your whole being, evaluating your lifestyle and speci c needs to achieve your mind and body objectives.

  • Aromatherapy With Warm Essential Oils
    A deeply therapeutic relaxing and soothing massage using blends of warm essential oils whose aromatic appeal is a personal sense to each individual needs. (The massage is delivered with Afrodita Cosmetics products). ден 1.700,00  Add to booking
  • Cellu Contour
    Anti cellulite massage designed to assist in the cellulite reduction if done in combination with proper diet and exercise. Anti-cellulite massage will increase blood circulation to the affected areas. (The massage is delivered with Afrodita Anticelule oil). ден 500,00  Add to booking
  • Mediterranean Journey
    A luxurious massage with use of the essential oils pine, lavender and rosemary. It gives you a special connection with the natural world, by creating a feeling of harmony with the body and mind. (The massage is delivered with Afrodita Cosmetics products). ден 1.200,00  Add to booking
  • Mother-To-Be Massage
    This special massage is designed for mothers-to-be after their first trimester. Gentle yet effective techniques will relieve tension in areas under stress, such as lower back and hips, while Almond oil is used to nourish and protect the skin. (The massage is delivered with Afrodita Almond Oil). ден 1.200,00  Add to booking
  • Pacific Island Spa Ritual
    Milk, honey and coconut have always embodied a source of lavish pampering, well- being and pleasure. The ritual starts with body exfoliation followed by an unforgettably relaxing massage with coconut oil. Treatment continues with honey and milk mask
which is particularly suitable for very dry, undernourished and atrophied skin, since Shea butter contains a high concentration of natural fatty acids which play a beneficial role in renewing damaged skin cells and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. At the end body cream or serum is applied. The skin is soft and hydrated. ден 1.900,00  Add to booking
  • Reflex Foot Massage
    Concentrating solely on the feet and lower legs, this treatment helps to relax the entire body and mind, ground energy and regulate the movement of Qi through the body. Foot massage is an essential element of Chinese culture and tradition and is an ancient form of therapy. Many cultures believe that the foot mirrors the body’s systems. By massaging specific reflex points and meridians on the feet, balance can be achieved in the functions of the body, creating an overall sense of well-being. Duration: 40min. ден 700,00  Add to booking
  • Relax Real Holistic Massage
    Traditional relaxing massage designed to revitalize and awaken the senses. Aromatherapy massage techniques and essential oils will alleviate tension and tiredness of the whole body. Relaxation and balance are further enhanced with an energy-releasing foot massage, using deep-pressure point techniques that ground the mind and spirit. (The massage is delivered with Afrodita Cosmetics products). ден 1.000,00  Add to booking
  • Sports And Remedial Massage
    Sports massage therapy is to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in the body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Where minor injuries and lesions occur, due to overexertion and/or overuse, massage can break them down quickly and effectively. Above all, it can help prevent those niggling injuries that so often get in the way of performance and achievement, whether one is an athlete, ardent keep-fitter or a once a week jogger. Duration: 50min. (The massage is delivered with Thalgo products) ден 1.300,00  Add to booking
  • Volcano And Sea Sensuality
    Warm volcanic stones are combined with aromatic oils to gently relax the body and soothe muscle tension. The warm stones are used as an extension of the therapist’s hands to induce deep relaxation. (The massage is delivered with Thalgo products). ден 2.300,00  Add to booking


Essential Treatments - FaceWith the ‘Essential’ Treatment, the client enters the world of AURIEGE products. The clients will be able to notice immediately that their skin has regained its radiance and softness. Exfoliation, masks, massage, serums and cream are used to regulate the skin type and to restore freshness and beauty.

  • Aqua-Vitale
    Auriege treatment for maintenance and deep cleansing of the skin with gentle technology of ultrasonic peeling. It normalizes the skin and it helps with the maintenance of the hydrolipidic balance for normal and dry skin. ден 1.250,00  Add to booking
  • Bio Tolerance
    Auriege treatment for maintenance and deep cleansing of the skin with gentle technology of ultrasonic peeling. It brings the ultra-sensitive skin to balance and comfort. ден 1.250,00  Add to booking
  • Hydro Active
    Auriege treatment in which deep cleansing, exfoliation, serums, masks and massage are used. The skin feels revitalized, hydrated, balanced and radiant. ден 1.250,00  Add to booking
  • Mate Perfect
    Auriege treatment with deep cleansing and exfoliation of the skin. It promotes sebo-regulation of the skin. It calms any problematic process on the face and balances the skin. ден 1.250,00  Add to booking

Face Cleaning

Facial massage


  • Bride-To-Be Spa
    Wedding ceremony around the corner? Relax and Revitalize with the premium package: Auriege Premium Treatment, Aromatherapy, Reflex Foot Massage. ден 4.900,00  Add to booking
  • Medical Treatment Massage 30
    Partial 30 minutes ден 600,00  Add to booking
  • Medical Treatment Massage 50
    Full 50 minutes ден 1.000,00  Add to booking

Premium Treatments - FacePremium treatment is the ultimate anti-age skin care treatment. A fundamental combination of Cellular Energy Serums and Chronobiology active ingredients are used to restore strength, vitality, tone, and youth to the skin.

    Auriege treatment that will visibly fight against free radicals and therefore against the appearance of deep wrinkles. ден 2.700,00  Add to booking
    It is a complete facial treatment that combines relaxation and efficiency for both the face and the body. A double action on the epidermis: • In the deep layers of the epidermis: it works on the mother cells to extend their life and biological clock. • In the living superficial layers of the epidermis: it protects the cells from free radicals and from oxidation-induced ageing and in their DNA for an everlasting youth. The skin is smoother, more radiant, firmer and visibly younger-looking thanks to 3 active ingredients: • 24 carats Gold : Global Protection • Fights against cell oxidation • Protects the skin from free radicals - Stimulates collagen • Deeply regenerates the skin • Fights against external aggressions. ден 4.150,00  Add to booking
    Auriege treatment designed to restore hydration and balance, with reparative botanicals, essential oils, tonics, and cell-plumping actives. A comfort massage relaxes and leaves skin refreshed, dewy and radiant. ден 2.700,00  Add to booking
    Auriege treatment boosts the cells metabolism and gives radiance back to the complexion by oxygenating the skin tissue. ден 2.700,00  Add to booking
    Auriege treatment that brings energy and soothes the skin subject to heat or sun exposure. ден 2.700,00  Add to booking
    Auriege treatment will visibly smooth the expression wrinkles. ден 2.700,00  Add to booking
    Auriege treatment that will energize the cells thanks to its vitamins cocktail and give radiance, suppleness and softness back to the skin. ден 2.700,00  Add to booking

Renaissance Treatments - FaceThe Renaissance treatment is an anti-age treatment for every age. Dermabrasion and masks are carefully designed according to the skin’s age to combat the six causes and effects of skin aging. It is designed to preserve the skin’s youth capital. It has 6 variations according to our Chronobiology product lines.

  • Anti-Age Renaissance Treatment
    Auriege preventive treatment is designed to efficiently fight against free radicals which are the cause of deep wrinkles. The skin is smoothed, preserved and radiant. ден 2.200,00  Add to booking
  • Moisturising Renaissance Treatment
    Auriege treatment addresses the hydric dysfunction and reestablishes the protection role of the hydrolipidic film. The skin is moisturized, balanced and refreshed. ден 2.200,00  Add to booking
  • Oxygenating Renaissance Treatment
    Auriege treatment that addresses a cell oxygenation dysfunction which is noticeable by a dull complexion and asphyxiated skin. Just like the other Renaissance treatments, the client will be able to compensate for a light, significant or important problematic. The skin is oxygenated, detoxified and purified. ден 2.200,00  Add to booking
  • Regeneration Renaissance Treatment
    Auriege treatment that enables cell repair and fights against the effects of heat and sun exposure. With the customized dosage of active ingredients, each client will receive a treatment adapted to her/ his needs. The skin is repaired, regenerated and soothed. ден 2.200,00  Add to booking
  • Restructuring Renaissance Treatment
    Auriege treatment which addresses the problem of the expression wrinkles often linked to a lack of tonus. The skin is replumped, reshaped and relaxed. ден 2.200,00  Add to booking
  • Vitamins Renaissance Treatments
    Auriege treatment that brings all the vitamins needed by the epidermis for the skin balance. It compensates for vitamin deficiency. The skin is firmed, toned and revitalized. ден 2.200,00  Add to booking

Wellness Rituals - BodyAbandon the everyday with our ultimate body wellness rituals and experience an unforgettable escape to faraway places. Encompassing sensational massages, rituals and products from renowned manufacturers, gathered to luxurious wellness treatments. Let yourself be carried away in our world of pleasure.

  • Auriege Spa Aromatherapy
    The SPA Aromatic Treatment is a true energizing moment thanks
to the essential oils and to their dynamizing power. It deeply scrubs, smoothes and nourishes the epidermis. ден 1.500,00  Add to booking
  • Chocolate Therapy
    Relaxing and sensual ritual that starts with spa essential salt exfoliation followed with luxurious choco mint body mask that calms and hydrates the skin. The ritual continues with a full body chocolate massage and application of serums and creams. During this chocolate wellness ritual skin is supplied with high nutritive substances and vitamins. This is an excellent anti- age ritual that will pamper both body and spirit. ден 2.000,00  Add to booking
  • Therme Thalasso Moisturising Spa Ritual
    This spa moisturizing, remineralizing body treatment is a deep scrubbing, moisturizing and relaxing treatment that wraps the body with a protective film. The skin is smooth, hydrated and energized. ден 1.500,00  Add to booking
  • Wine Therapy
    Luxurious wellness ritual that starts with full body exfoliation with red grape extracts to soften and smooth your skin. The journey continues with a vino therapy infused body mask to firm and nourish while enjoying a deeply relaxing body massage in our relaxing environment. The ritual ends with grape extract body serum that gives your skin an excellent glow. ден 2.400,00  Add to booking